Full-Scene TV Manufacturing Process

Why Choose Sylvox?

Over 13 Years of TV Industry Expertise

Sylvox is designed for televisions. With 13 years of independent research and development, our innovative capabilities have allowed us to create products that comprehensively meet the needs of any living space.

Global industrial layout with a focus on achieving global leadership.

Sylvox has a global presence with 4 main branches and multiple offices, covering several countries and regions including Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, and Germany. Its headquarters are based in the United States.

Excellent R&D team with many years of industry experience

Sylvox has a strong R&D team and collaborates with multiple research and development institutions and laboratories, enhancing its expertise in the industry.

Become a Premier Amazon Franchise Partner Supplier

Chosen by Amazon as its exclusive supplier due to superior product quality and proven track record, with a commitment to prioritizing user needs and a worldwide distribution network. Achieved 3rd place in US category sales within 2 months of collaboration.

Google TV licensed brand

Sylvox has recently partnered with Google and is proud to announce its official authorization as a Google TV brand. As the world's first fully integrated Google TV system, Sylvox offers a comprehensive and unparalleled viewing experience.

Fashionable, modern and creative personalized design

The importance of imagination cannot be overstated. As Sylvox's advertising slogan "see the future" implies, imagination allows us to visualize and anticipate what is to come. It is a powerful tool to bridge the gap between the present and the future.