SYLVOX Introduces Full-Scene TV Innovation at CES 2023, with Outdoor Google TV Stealing the Spotlight

Apr 2, 2024

SYLVOX made waves at the 2023 CES with its innovative lineup, featuring the groundbreaking "Private Outdoor Cinema" concept and a range of outdoor entertainment solutions. Among the highlights were pioneering outdoor TVs boasting Mini QLED technology, a floating waterproof portable TV, and space-saving pull-down kitchen TVs, showcasing SYLVOX's commitment to diverse living experiences.

Unveiling the Future of Family Entertainment: SYLVOX's "Private Outdoor Cinema"

SYLVOX's "Private Outdoor Cinema" concept redefines outdoor entertainment, blending cutting-edge outdoor TV tech with innovative design. Comprising an outdoor TV, Bluetooth audio gear, and a retractable wall-mounted bracket, this concept meets rigorous outdoor waterproof standards while delivering cinema-grade visual and auditory experiences. It embodies SYLVOX's vision for the future of smart home ecosystems.

Experience Unrivaled Picture Quality with the Mini QLED Outdoor TV

The SYLVOX Mini QLED outdoor TV boasts a 1000+ Mini QLED full-array backlight, dynamic contrast exceeding 100000:1, and a high brightness of 3000cd/m2, ensuring crystal-clear visuals in any outdoor setting. With 4K ultra-high definition resolution, a 120Hz high refresh rate, IPS LCD screen, and less than 8ms HDMI input delay, it offers an immersive viewing experience.

The crowd is drawn to the water-resistant SYLVOX Mini QLED outdoor waterproof TV.

Introducing the First Floating Waterproof Portable TV, Ideal for Poolside, Bathtubs, and Camping

SYLVOX presents a groundbreaking design for waterproof portable TVs, featuring an IP65 waterproof rating and ultra-thin floating technology. Using precise waterproofing and polymer materials, it effortlessly floats in pools and bathtubs. Whether camping or poolside, you can enjoy TV programs anytime.

Enhance Your Culinary Experience with Space-Saving Pull-Down Kitchen TVs - Potato Series and Steak Series

SYLVOX introduces two innovative kitchen TVs, the Potato Series and Steak Series, enabling users to watch TV while cooking. Supporting cooking app downloads, they double as practical cooking lecture aids. The Potato Series boasts a 360° free rotation base for optimal viewing angles, while the Steak Series replaces traditional cabinet storage, enhancing kitchen aesthetics and organization. Their space-saving foldable and openable designs make them ideal for small kitchens.

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