55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series
55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series

55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series


55" Outdoor TV 2000Nit (Full Sun) - Pool Series

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Powered by Linux

Waterproof & 4K

2000Nit Full Sun

Rugged outdoor tv

  • Brightness up to 2000nit for full sun;
  • 5 times brighter than indoor TVs;
  • Built-in Multiple Apps;
  • Supports connections for multiple media sources;
  • IP55 waterproof;
  • Weather resistant from -22F to 122F;
  • Anti-scratch and corrosion-resistant;
  • Packing Dimension(inch): 48.98(L)x3.44(W)x28.59(H)
  • N.W(lb): 50
  • Delivery Time: 3-5 business days
  • 1 Year product warranty
  • Free Canada shipping
  • Free returns
  • Secure payments
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • In stock, ready to ship
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Embrace TV Enjoyment, Even in Bright Direct Sunlight

More Visibility, Less Glare

Waterproof TV Built for Outdoors

4K Ultra HD


Built-in NETFLIX

Enjoy in more ways

5X Times Brighter Than Indoor TVs

Durable Outdoor Construction

Smart outdoor TV designed to beat the summer heat, the pouring rain, the blizzard cold, the heavy thunderstorms

Long Lifespan Guaranteed

Constructed with full-metal durability, it's corrosion-resistant, heatproof, and excels in all outdoor conditions, from rain to snow, ensuring an exceptionally long lifespan

Withstand All Weather

Endure temperatures ranging from -22°F to 122°F, displaying high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and exceptional durability against scratches.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth TV Connection

Elevate your outdoor TV experience by seamlessly connecting wirelessly to your preferred content providers.

Tap to Mirror Content

Enjoy the convenience of mirroring your favorite mobile apps, videos, and more onto your TV with a simple tap of your phone.

Commercial Grade, 7*16 Hours Working

Exclusively designed for uncovered spaces, Performs impeccably, whether under intense sunlight, in the rain, or during snowfall, crystal-clear viewing in direct sunlight

We Have 4 Options For You

Packages are more affordable than buying separately

Option 1 -TV Only

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Option 2 - TV + TV Mount

Three bracket options, click here to see the detail of the sylvox TV mounts

Option 3- TV+Outdoor Soundbar

Click here to see the detail of the sylvox outdoor waterproof soundbar

(Can mount to the bottom of the TV directly with included attachments)

Option 4-TV+Mount+ Outdoor Soundbar


Full Sun

Full Sun

Used for outdoor ads

Partial Sun

Partial Sun

Full Sun

Full Sun

Wall Mount

2024 CES

With Outdoor Soundbar

With Outdoor Soundbar

Technical Infomation

Please review the specifications and shipping details of the Sylvox Outdoor TV before making your purchase!

Smart TV Powered by Linux

IP55 waterproof and 4K

2000nit for full sun

Fully-sealed, rugged outdoor tv

The Main Difference Between Sylvox Full Sun Series

Full SunPool SeriesPool Pro SeriesPool Pro 2.0 SeriesPool Pro Qled SeriesPool Pro Qled 2.0 Series
SyetemLinuxAndroidGoogle TVAndroidGoogle TV
Support Screencasting DeviceAndroidAllAllAllAll

Advice On How To Choose Sylvox Full Sun Outdoor TVs

1, Picture Quality: If you want the best possible picture quality, go for a QLED TV(Sylvox pool pro Qled 1.0 Series and 2024 Pool Pro Qled 2.0).

 2, Sound Quality: If you want the best possible sound quality, go for an outdoor TV with Dolby Atmos feature(Sylvox 2024 Pool Pro 2.0 Series and Pool Pro Qled 2.0 Series).
3, Smart Features: If you want the smart TV with built-in App store, the pool pro 1.0&2.0 series would be the best choice.
4: The 2024 Pool Pro QLED 2.0 Series would be the best choice if you want the best picture quality, sound quality, and smart features in one package

5, Consider budget. Sylvox TVs come at a range of price points, Pool series is designed to be a more affordable option for outdoor TVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Robert Lewis
Great Outdoor Product.

Very happy with the product, just as good as advertised. My TV sits in the sun during the day time so it was important to purchase a full sun tv and it is next to my spa, so the waterproof aspect was key as well. Add in all the rain this year and this TV was a must. So, I did my research and decided to go with Sylvox Pool Deck Series as the other TV's in this category can be 5x's as much. . . good decision, integrates well with internet, all apps are easy to function, and I even run a digital receiver getting all the local channels for free. Great customer services as well, had a hiccup with the first remote, notified Sylvox, and a brand new one was sent within 48 hours. Thanks Sylvox!

Dodanim Ramos
Excellent product.

I purchased this beautiful tv . I contacted SYLVOX and they are sending me a free cover for our purchase. Outstanding customer service. The tv is incredible. God really is love.

Very happy customer

I purchased this product based upon its price, reviews and quality. When I first I stalled it in November, I was happy with everything. Five months later, the picture stopped working (sound was working). I dreaded contacting customer service and imagine my surprise when I was speaking with a customer service rep within 20 seconds of making the call. They first recommended a reset and if that didn’t work; they explained how to submit a short video of the startup with sound/no picture. I completed these steps and submitted my video. Customer service followed up with me in a timely way, checked in and sent me a new tv within days. The new tv is working great! Thank you Sylvia for restoring my faith in quality customer service and great product.

Lucas Patel
Great TV when you add your own external speaker

Yes, we take it camping!! It fits our "roughing-it" lifestyle. The TV sat right there in the rain while we watched divisional playoffs outdoors. It worked GREAT.

Tina Raap
Great outdoor TV and Customer Service

I ordered this TV to use outdoors by my pool and when I had an issue with it not working; customer service was quick to help me and got me a new TV asap that worked great. No issues since and their follow up to check in on how the product was performing was great! Highly recommend!

Good build quality and customer service, longevity remains to be seen

Tv is built very well, seems like it will perform well outdoor but time will tell. Sylvox customer is great and very helpful. One note, the new fanless design causes the TV to get hotter than I’d like but customer service has assured me they would address any future issues resulting from this.

Ron from Knoxville
I've had by 55 inch full sun for a couple month.

Really happy with it. Picture is great, and the quality of constructing is impressive. I have mine mounted by my pool. If you buy this TV consider getting the sound bar with it. My pool has a waterfall feature, so it was difficult to hear the TV even with the volume at 100%. The sound bar eliminates this problem. The soundpar comes with 3 option to install. I attached it to the bottom of the TV. It was real simple to install too.

David A Goodwin
Great price for this combo.

The television is well constructed. It is HEAVY! It weighs 110 pounds which when I bought, I could not find that information at the time. The device connections are on the back of the television behind a metal plate that has numerous screws. Make sure you connect your wiring before mounting the tv to anything. It will make your life easier. The picture is outstanding! The television speakers are really good also. I purchased a hide it mount to mount my directv box to the back of the television. This was easy to do as it was able to use the screw already in the television. I purchased this to watch sports in the backyard and it’s perfect for this. The picture is bright and audio is clear. my directv remote can power the tv on and control the tv volume (not the sound bar we will get to that soon). Also, I can’t figure out if you can program the remote that came with the tv to work with the other devices; ie sound bar directv. Netflix app is great and works perfectly.

Tv wall mount:

When I ordered the package, the tv mount was not available. The company offered me a refund right away and it was credited within one day. I went with a table top mount anyways because it is heavy.

Sound bar:

The sound bar is really good for its size. It’s only 2 speakers but it really elevates the overall sound of the tv well. It is easy to mount to the television as it uses pre existing screws on the television. The remote. It’s very basic. The biggest issue is I can’t find any codes for the sound bar to be able to program my directv remote to control it. I ended up connecting the soundbar to the tv using Bluetooth and this allows me to use the directv remote to control the volume.

Overall I’ve waiting a long time to do something like this. I absolutely love it! Watching a ball game in the backyard is now elevated can’t wait for college football season on it!